Member of the Secretariat

Tel. : +32-2-285 6240
Email : alan.piotrowski@consilium.eu.int

A. M. PIOTROWSKI (London 1950) B.A. (Physical sciences) Salt Lake City, Utah 1973

M.Sc. (Management) London 1977, D.I.C.

- Management Consultant (up to April 1979) Council Secretariat (from May 1979);
- Private Office of S.G. (Organisation, Coordination of work of COREPER I) up to 1983;
- Administration (Deputy Head of Protocol, Organisation) up to 1988;
- Administration (Head of General Internal Services) up to 1996;
- Deputy to Director of Finance (in charge of resources management) to date;
- Member of Interinstitutional Standing Committees on Financial Questions and Procurement.