Ricardo PASSOS

Tel. : +32-2-285 5049
Email : ricardo.passos@consilium.eu.int

Portuguese lawyer, born on 5.2.1953 in Lisbon, Portugal. Married with three children. Studied law at the University of Lisbon (Master's), Strasbourg (DEA) and Harvard (LLM).

Before joining the European Convention Secretariat, he worked as:

- administrator at the secretariat of the European Commission on Human Rights in the Council of Europe;
- law clerk at the Court of Justice of the European Communities (1986-1987);
- Head of Division at the European Parliament (initially as Secretary of the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Internal Market, then in the Legal Service responsible for the area of Institutions, budget, JHA, budgetary control and international law; worked on the Friends of the Presidency Group on Court of Justice reform and the European Parliament Task Force on IGC 2000).