Plenary sessions

The Convention meets once or twice a month, at the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels.

Although dealing with a range of issues, each session focuses mainly on one or two subjects.

The agenda is set by the Praesidium. Before each session the members of the Convention receive documents to enable them to prepare their contributions.

The three most recent plenary sessions

Plenary session Main subjects Summaries Preparatory documents
9-10 July 2003 - Closing session Summary Outline of a speech by Chairman Giscard d'Estaing at the close of the Convention's session on 10 July 2003 (in French)
4 July 2003 - Oral report by the President on the European Council meeting of 20 June

- Debate on reactions to doc. CONV 802/03 (CONV 821/03) and revised version in
Summary Draft Constitution, Volume II - Draft revised text of Parts Two, Three and Four

Reactions to draft text CONV 802/03 - Analysis

Draft Constitution, Volume II
11-13 June 2003 - Presentation of the revised text of the whole Part I, preceded by the preamble, and accompanied by the Protocol on the role of national parliaments and the Protocol on the application of the subsidiarity and proportionality principles. Summary Revised text of Part One

Complete list of plenary sessions
Timetable of sessions

The verbatim reports of the plenary sessions are available on the European�Parliament website.

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