Joint action (Common Foreign and Security Policy - CFSP)

This term denotes a binding legal instrument that may be adopted by the Council under the CFSP.
Joint actions address specific situations where operational action by the Union is deemed to be required. They lay down their objectives, scope, the means to be made available to the Union, the conditions for their implementation and their duration.


Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)
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Justice and home affairs (JHA)

Cooperation on justice and home affairs was institutionalised under the Treaty on European Union (Treaty of Maastricht). The aim of this cooperation is to give practical effect to the principle of the free movement of persons. It covers the following:
· asylum policy;
· rules governing the crossing of the external borders of the Member States;
· immigration policy;
· combating drugs;
· combating international fraud;
· judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters;
· customs cooperation;
· police cooperation.
Subsequently, the Treaty of Amsterdam reorganised cooperation in the fields of justice and home affairs and set as its objective the establishment of an area of freedom, security and justice. Certain sectors (asylum, immigration, crossing of external borders and judicial cooperation in civil matters) have been brought within the Community framework ("Communitised").

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